How it works

  • Explain to your friends and family members, how this Service works to make FREE international calls.
  • 2. Send us a message via our contact page with their landline or mobile number that they will use to call the above 0870 number. We need this to calculate their minutes.
  • 3. Once your referral reaches 1000 minutes, you will be paid £20 on 1st of following month via Amazon Gift card,. (Please allow 2 working days for payment/voucher to reach your account). 
  • 4. There is absolutely no limit on how many people you can refer.
  • Make sure they can call 0870 numbers for free from their landline or mobile Service provider.

Please send us a message via our contact page or email to if you have any queries.


  • Smart Caller Android App
  • Smart Caller IOS App

Popular Destinations

  • Pakistan
  • Germany
  • USA
  • Spain
  • Bangladesh

Head Office

  • USA 244 Fifth Avenue, New York NY 10001
  • Phone: 19146629749
  • Fax: 234234234
  • Email: